Recapping SAWC 2023

Recapping SAWC 2023

We recently returned from an exhilarating experience at SAWC, marking the grand finale of our 2023 trade show season. The event was a great success, drawing attendees from across the country and providing us with the perfect platform to connect with both new and familiar faces.

Connecting and Collaborating

Amidst the vibrant backdrop of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, we had the pleasure of forging new friendships, reconnecting with valued colleagues, and witnessing our products take center stage at some of our favorite booths. Seymour was a crowd favorite as many of our peers had a tried and true Seymour–or two–at their booths. It’s truly gratifying to see our models being utilized as effective teaching tools by industry peers during their demos, exemplifying their practical applications and true-to-life simulation capabilities.

Seymour Stress Swag Toy

Swag Stole the Show!

Our booth was buzzing with excitement as attendees snagged their very own Seymour II stress butts. These quirky and stress-relieving giveaways added a touch of humor to the serious world of wound care, proving that learning and laughter can go hand in hand.

Exploring Opportunities and Innovations

One of the many joys of attending trade shows is the opportunity to catch up on industry trends, explore innovations in wound care, and engage with our customers. Each show leaves us with a handful of exciting new projects, and this year was no exception.

A standout moment was reconnecting with a previous client who had placed an order for a custom model a few years ago. Their recent order of 250 pieces was a delightful surprise, solidifying our commitment to delivering tailor-made solutions. 3M also placed a substantial order, promising a busy, but fulfilling end of year!

Learning and Growing

SAWC holds a unique place in our trade show calendar, with every attendee being a current or potential customer. Meeting new faces and witnessing their enthusiasm for our products is both rewarding and enlightening. The exchange of knowledge is reciprocal, with industry professionals introducing us to the latest advancements in wound care. This continuous learning inspires us to enhance our offerings and maintain our position as creators of realistic, quality-driven medical simulation models.

Looking Ahead to 2024

Our SAWC experience has left us invigorated and excited about the upcoming year. The new products in our arsenal and the prospect of engaging with both new and familiar customers propel us into 2024 with anticipation and energy.

Trade shows

A Note of Gratitude

A special thank you to SAWC for hosting a remarkable event in 2023. This event not only facilitates new business, but also fosters connections and shared learning experiences. As VATA President, Andrew Call, aptly puts it, “It’s great to meet new people and learn new ways to better help our customers.”

Here’s to a successful SAWC 2023 and the promising journey that lies ahead!


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