At VATA, we are committed to providing our customers with the most realistic and highest quality health care models. We believe that by staying true to life, and implementing feedback from trusted clinicians, we can truly provide a better educational experience that ultimately improves patient care.

Our History

VATA was established in May 1987 with a single product, Chester Chest™. Our Founder, Tom Call, created Chester because he saw a need–as a sales representative for an IVAD/port manufacturer, a new product at the time, he became aware that a training model was needed as staff could only learn and practice on actual patients. Chester Chest was created to remedy this situation. Chester Chest™ has continued to be a useful teaching model, and is used throughout the U.S. in addition to 31 countries. Chester has since been joined by a host of other realistic, high quality VATA products.

Our Philosophy

We have found that the best models come from involving the clinician and specialist at the earliest stages of research and development. This level of involvement assures that the end product provides the highest levels of realism and function for the necessary educational procedures. Our concern is not solely with the improved competency and skills of the clinician but also in maintaining patient autonomy with the use of realistic educational health care models. It has been so rewarding to hear the positive learning experiences many patients and families have encountered using our products.

We are so grateful for our customers for their past and present support! As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions and if you have an idea for a new model or have a need for a custom model, please reach out to us!