Chester Chest

Chester Chest

We are thrilled to celebrate over 30 years of our very first product, Chester Chest. With a guiding principle of improving patient care with the most realistic models possible, Tom Call, VATA Founder created VATA’s first product—Chester Chest—a molded upper torso for nurses to practice palpating and accessing implanted ports.

30+ years later, Chester Chest is still the industry standard in the teaching of central line care. The latest Chester helps medical professionals simulate accessing the following IVAD placements: normal, tipping, wandering or deeply placed in the left chest area. Successful access is confirmed by a “blood” return and fluid can be infused and “blood” withdrawn from all the lines. VATA’s current Chester is also equipped with an updated arm that is positioned with a greater degree of rotation and extension than the previous arm. The arm also has a dual 5Fr PICC exiting the basilic vein from the inner bicep area and an IV site.

One of Chester Chest’s best qualities is that it lasts! VATA also offers a refurbishing service at about half the price of the current model. Clients can send in their older Chester models and have them cleaned, updated, and refurbished as well as have the New Advanced Arm attached.

“I have an old Chester Chest that has been refurbished twice by VATA and each time he came home looking like new,” said VATA customer Linda Bednarczyk, Pharmacy Infusion Nurse at Omnicare of Tampa. “The VATA training aids are just that, a way to educate clinicians on anatomical structures and how to use various infusion products. I use the IV training arms (Omnicare of Tampa has 5 of them) all the time when teaching nurses how to identify veins and insert short peripheral IV catheters.”

To learn more about Chester Chest, please click here.

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