User Manuals

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0230 Freddie Fistula™ Skills Trainer with case

0240 Bonnie Bone Marrow Biopsy™ Skills Trainer

0270/0275 Ostomy Pouching Trainer

0310 Otto Ostomy™

0310 Otto Ostomy Stoma Legend

0550 Vinnie Venous Insufficiency Leg™

0555 Annie Arterial Insufficiency Leg™

0600 Peter PICC Line™

0705 – Vascular Access Ultrasound Phantom refill

0910 Seymour II™ Wound Care Model-Lightly Pigmented

0920 Seymour II™ Wound Care Model-Darkly Pigmented

0950 Wilma Wound Foot™-Lightly Pigmented

0955 Wilma Wound Foot™-Darkly Pigmented

0970 Stan Stage 4 Pressure Injury Model™-Lightly Pigmented

0975 Stan Stage 4 Pressure Injury Model™ Darkly Pigmented

0980 Pat Pressure Injury Staging Model™

1800 Nita Newborn™ Infant Venous Access Simulator

2365/2366 Advanced Four-Vein Venipuncture Training Aid™

2400/2402/2410/2412 Chester Chest

5010/5011 Port – “Body in a Box”™

VATA Catalog

VATA Simulated Blood

VATA Simulated Urine

VATA Simulated Stool

VATA Simulated Effluent

Lifeform Venipuncture and Injection Training Arm- LF00698-LF00997-LF01252

Lifeform Portable IV Hand Kit- LF00700-LF00703-LF00715

Lifeform Portable IV Arm Kit- LF00701-LF00704-LF00716

Lifeform Portable IV Arm and Hand Kit- LF00702-LF00705-LF00717

Lifeform Male Catheterization Simulator- LF00855

Lifeform Female Catheterization Simulator- LF00856

Lifeform Complete Ostomy Care Simulator- LF00895

Lifeform Ostomy Care Simulator- LF00906

Lifeform Surgical Sally Bandaging Simulator- LF00929

Lifeform Pitting Edema Trainer- LF00947

Lifeform Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Trainers, set of 3- LF00948

Lifeform Pediatric Injectable Training Arm- LF00958-LF01257-LF01258

Lifeform Intramuscular Injection Simulator- LF00961

Lifeform Skin and Vein Replacement for Adult Venipuncture/Injection Arm- LF00966-LF00987-LF01253

Lifeform Arterial Puncture Arm- LF00995-LF01263-LF01264

Lifeform Pediatric Injectable Head- LF00999

Lifeform First Aid Arm- LF01005

Lifeform Adult IV Foot- LF01007

Lifeform Intradermal Injection Simulator- LF01008-LF01261-LF01262

Lifeform Heart Catheterization, CVC and TPN Simulator- LF01012

Lifeform Peritoneal Dialysis Simulator- LF01027

Lifeform Suture and Stapling Practice Arm- LF01028-LF00670-LF00673

Lifeform Suture and Stapling Practice Leg- LF01034-LF00671-LF00674

Lifeform Infant Male and Female Catheterization Trainer- LF01035

Lifeform Hemodialysis Practice Arm- LF01037-LF01267-LF01268

Lifeform Skin and Vein Replacement for Hemodialysis Practice Arm- LF01040-LF01269-LF01270

Lifeform Upper Stump Bandaging Simulator- LF01063

Lifeform Lower Stump Bandaging Simulator- LF01064

Lifeform Upper and Lower Stump Bandaging Simulator Set- LF01065

Lifeform Tracheostomy Care Simulator- LF01083

Lifeform Central Venous Cannulation Simulator- LF01087

Lifeform Advanced Venipuncture & Injection Arm- LF01121-LF01126-LF01250

Lifeform Skin and Vein Replacement for Advanced Venipuncture and Injection Arm- LF01122-LF01123-LF01251

Lifeform Vein Replacement for Advanced Venipuncture and Injection Arm- LF01124

Lifeform Basic IV Arm- LF01131-LF01132-LF01254

Lifeform Advanced IV Hand- LF01139-LF01146-LF01255

Lifeform Skin and Vein Replacement for Advanced IV Hand- LF01140-LF01147-LF01256

Lifeform Vein Replacement for Advanced IV Hand- LF01141

Lifeform Male Catheter Model- LF01150

Lifeform Female Catheter Model- LF01151

Lifeform Patient Education Tracheostomy Care Set (Infant and Adult)- LF01159

Lifeform Venatech IV Trainer- LF01162-LF01163

Lifeform Infant Tracheostomy Care- LF01167

Lifeform Adult Tracheostomy Care- LF01168

Lifeform NG Tube and Trach Skills Simulator- LF01174

Lifeform Venatech IM and SubQ Simulator- LF01184-LF01185

Lifeform Infant IV Leg- LF03636

Lifeform Infant IV Arm- LF03637

Simulaids-IV-Arm with Hand 150-1374

Simulaids-Manual-Geri-IV-Arm 140-610

Simulaids IV training Arms-Hands-Accessories140-146

Simulaids-Deluxe-IV-Arm 140-120