VATA’s Suture Skills Trainer

VATA’s Suture Skills Trainer

Oregon based creator of anatomical healthcare models, VATA, recently released the most realistic and complete suture-training model in today’s market. The Suture Skills Trainer (3500) consists of 5 anatomically correct tissue layers—epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous fat, fascia, and muscle—that have the same appearance and suturing properties of real human tissue. Practical and cost effective, this trainer provides an unmatched learning experience.

Developed with Dr. Michael Zenn, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Director of the Human Tissue Lab at Duke University, the Suture Skills Trainer is the ultimate suturing and stapling training tool for medical and nursing students. By using the included proprietary tension device, users can adjust the gap between the cut tissues edges for a more realistic suture experience. Additionally, incisions can be sutured or stapled and the sutures will not “tear through.” This durable, stain resistant trainer can be used again and again by simply removing the sutures. This trainer is complete with a sleek and compact carrying case and high quality medical grade suturing tools handpicked by Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. This model is also available in both light and dark pigments.

“The 3500 Suture Skills Trainer is incredibly life-like and really feels like you are operating and suturing on normal tissue. I think it could replace the need for human tissue at medical schools and academic centers that teach suturing to students,” said Dr. Michael Zenn.

The Suture Skills Trainer is currently available here.

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