Our Team Is The Best Team!

Our Team Is The Best Team!

Our VATA team is pretty incredible! Meet a few of the amazing people behind the scenes below!


This year, Reid Hatch, our Production Manager, celebrated his 30th year of working for VATA!

Reid met our Founder, Tom Call, in the early days of VATA (when Tom’s garage was HQ!) and jumped right in. He has worked closely in the production of almost all of VATA’s products over the past three decades.

Reid has seen it all over his 30 years at VATA, and one of his favorite models to work on is the one that started it all. “Chester Chest has essentially stayed the same over the years with a few improvements. Something that was kind of neat was when we upgraded the model and the arm, I was actually the model for the arm. Chester’s right arm was created off a mold of my arm,” Reid said.



Next month Cristina will celebrate 11 years at VATA!

Cristina is a member of our production team and her favorite model to work on is Seymour—she especially enjoys hand painting the wounds on this model.

Cristina’s favorite thing about VATA?

“We’re like a big family. Every day we learn something new, it’s fun here and every day there’s something different, I enjoy it.”



Brian is one of our incredible Model Manufacturers!

Brian has been part of the VATA team since early 2019 and particularly enjoys working on the Peter Picc Line product.

Brian shared, “this job is a niche job, it’s really specific and a learned skill. I didn’t even know there was a market for this, but it’s great to build things that help people.”



Miriah has been in her current Accounting & Purchasing role with VATA since 2015!

Miriah’s favorite thing about VATA?

“I love the products and that they travel all around the world. I have a map at my desk and move the tags around the map where our products go around the world. The quality that we put out just can’t be found anywhere else.”

We’re so grateful to have dedicated team members like Reid, Cristina, Brian, and Miriah on our team! VATA wouldn’t be VATA without our awesome team members. Thank you for VATA such a special place to work.

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