Infusion Models

Infusion Models

VATA’s Port Body in a Box and Advanced Venipuncture Training Aid are some of our most popular infusion models.

Port Body in a Box

VATA’s Port Body in a Box is a low cost, compact, and quick to set up training model for the teaching and practice of palpating and accessing IVADs.

Supplied with a real port, this simulation lab model allows students to:

  • Simulate accessing “tipping”, “wandering” or deeply placed IVADs.
  • Confirm successful access with a “blood” return.
  • Improve hand-eye coordination and gain confidence.

Advanced Venipuncture Training Aid

VATA’s Advanced Venipuncture Training Aid has four veins in three different sizes and is an ideal model to practice accessing techniques.

  • A realistic “flashback” of blood confirms proper needle placement.
  • This model is leak-resistant and can be accessed over 3,000 times.
  • Quick set up—can be set up in under a minute.

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