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VATA Inc.’s 3500/3502 – Suture Skills Trainer was developed with the help of Dr. Michael Zenn, Director of the Human Tissue Lab at Duke University. This complete suture kit features a realistic tissue pad that consists of 5 anatomically correct tissue layers for suturing practice. Perfect for practicing suturing outside of class, this suture training kit is ideal for medical students, veterinary students, and dental students.

VATA’s Suture Skills Trainer

  • Anatomically correct tissue layers
  • All-inclusive package
  • Durable—can be used 100s of times
  • Available in either light or dark skin tone
  • Suture Tissue Pad-3501 or 3503
  • Tension Device – 3510
  • Instrument Kit – 3515
  • One dozen nylon sutures – 3525
  • Disposable skin stapler – 3516
  • Staple remover – 3517
  • Case – 3535


This suturing practice kit includes a realistic suture tissue pad which consists of 5 anatomically correct tissue layers:

  • Epidermis
  • Dermis
  • Subcutaneous fat
  • Fascia
  • Muscle

Each individual layer of simulated tissue is identifiable and has anatomically correct color, strength, firmness, and feel. The unique materials used in VATA’s suture trainer allow for practicing superficial, subcuticular, and complex deep wound suturing and with proper tension, the suture will not “tear through”. The suture tissue pad moves just like real human tissue when making an incision or when suture tension is applied. Sutures in the suture practice skin can be removed and the suture simulation site can be reused numerous times.

The surgical suture practice kit is also supplied with a proprietary tensioning device for use with the suture tissue pad, so the user can adjust the distance between the two cut tissue edges of the simulated skin. This offers the user a more realistic feel and increases the challenge when closing the tissue under varying degrees of tension.

The instruments are of a much higher quality than those generally supplied with suture simulation kits. Learn to suture with this affordable and complete suture kit that comes with everything you need:

  • Suture tissue pad
  • Tension device
  • Needle driver
  • Adson 1-2 forceps
  • Hooked Littauer scissors
  • Surgical safety scalpel for reduced risk of injury
  • One dozen nylon sutures
  • Disposable skin stapler
  • Skin staple remover
  • Custom carrying case that is lightweight, compact, and specially designed to store each of the suturing trainer’s components

Shipping Weight: 3lbs (1.4kg)
Shipping Dimensions: 14”x 11” x5” (35.6cm x27.9cm x12.7cm)
Product Weight: 2.54lbs(1.15kg)
Product Dimensions: 9.3”x 6.3”x 2.4” (23.5cm x 15.88cm x 6.03cm)