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0707/0708 – VATA Inc.’s Vascular Access Ultrasound Phantom is an excellent healthcare simulator for the introduction and improvement of the techniques and psycho motor skills associated with successful ultrasound-guided vascular accessing. The unique patient simulation material is flesh colored with the tactile feel and puncture resistance of human tissue. The durable VATA ultrasound phantom can be accessed 1,000s of times, is self-healing and can be refilled with the supplied stain resistant simulated blood.



The curved contour on the top of the ultrasound training phantom is similar to contours on patients and has the added benefit of showing the importance of transducer positioning, as positioning can affect the quality of the image viewed–this is not possible on phantoms that are flat. This phantom can be imaged and accessed from the top, side or bottom surface, on the base, or removed from the case.

We’ve been told by clinicians that this ultrasound phantom has the best imaging of all currently available ultrasound training phantoms. Some have even commented that they reduce the gain on the ultrasound machine for advanced users wanting a more challenging ultrasound-guided IV access experience. The ultrasound-guided needle placement is so realistic that movement of the soft tissue can be observed as the needle tip is guided toward the vessel. Successful ultrasound-guided iv insertion can be confirmed by visualization of the needle tip in the vessel and by a blood return.

VATA’s Vascular Access Ultrasound Phantom is an excellent model for beginners learning how to start an IV using ultrasound and more advanced clinicians in areas of care including; simulation healthcare labs, IV nursing, anesthesiology, radiology, ultrasound training, nurse practitioners, emergency medicine and others.

The Vascular Access Ultrasound Phantom contains four vessels:

  • Very small superficial vein (3mm vein – 4mm deep)
  • Mid-sized vein at medium depth (5mm vein – 7.5mm deep)
  • Mid-sized vein which bifurcates into two smaller vessels (Bifurcated vein 4mm where bifurcated and 7mm when they are one- 12mm deep)
  • Larger deeply place vein (7mm vein – 20mm deep)

This ultrasound simulation model is supplied pre-filled with a stain resistant simulated blood, a separate 2oz/60ml bottle of stain resistant simulated blood, and a lightweight, compact, form-fitting case that protects the phantom when not in use and is the most compact housing of all currently available phantoms.
Failure to use VATA Inc. ultrasound blood can affect the image quality and will void product warranty. The phantom is compatible with any ultrasound imaging system with an appropriate transducer.


Shipping Weight: 2lbs (0.9kg)
Shipping Dimensions: 9”x 7” x 2”
Product Weight: 15.49oz(439g)
Product Dimensions: 7”x 4”x 1.3” (17.78cm x 10.16cm x 3.18cm )