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0240 VATA Inc.’s Bonnie Bone Marrow Biopsy Skills Trainer™ is a first-of-its-kind patient simulation tool. Bonnie was designed with clinician input to replicate, teach, and reinforce the skills needed to perform a posterior iliac crest bone marrow biopsy procedure. This healthcare simulation model provides a realistic feel when puncturing the skin surface, entering the iliac crest bone, and extracting simulated bone marrow samples. Carrying case included.

VATA’s Bonnie Bone Marrow Model

Developed with the help of clinicians, this realistic simulator allows for:

  • Palpation of the spinous process and iliac crest bones on both the anterior and posterior sides.
  • Proper bone marrow biopsy needle placement.
  • Simulation of realistic patient positioning with the included tilt base.
  • 200+ accesses before replacement parts are needed.
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  • VATA’s Bonnie Bone Marrow Biopsy Skills Trainer incorporates a life-size scale and anatomy for patient simulation modeled from an average size female pelvis and lower spine.
  • The outer shell of this VATA anatomical healthcare model provides a soft, tissue-like feel to allow for the palpation of underlying bony landmarks such as the spinous process, and the anterior and posterior iliac crests to facilitate proper biopsy needle placement.
  • The innovative design also includes a replaceable puncture site skin insert to allow for multiple needle punctures. Inserts are available as replacement parts.


  • To simulate treating patients in lateral decubitus (side lying) positions, this bone marrow biopsy training model can be set-up with the included tilt stand or positioned on a table surface to accommodate the prone position.
  • The right and left iliac crest bones are designed to be removable and replaceable, incorporating simulated bone marrow that can be extracted during training to confirm proper bone marrow biospy procedure.

You Will Receive:

  • Carrying Case with Strap -0241
  • Body skin shell -0242
  • Puncture site skin insert -0243
  • Tilt stand -0244
  • Right and Left Posterior Iliac Crest Bone Inserts (5 sets) -0246

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