Penny Pediatric Intraosseous Leg

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Master Pediatric IO Access with the Ultra-Realistic Simulator: 190+ Attempts Right Out of the Box!

VATA Inc.’s Penny Pediatric Intraosseous (IO) Leg model was designed to elevate your training and perfect your technique in a safe, realistic environment.

Unmatched Features:
Replaceable bones: allow access to both distal femur and proximal tibia.
Reversible tibia and femur bones: Double the practice opportunities with bones that are reversible, allowing you to flip over for a “new” bone.
190+ IO attempts included: 6 tibia and 6 femur bones provide extensive practice without the need for additional parts. Up to 8 access per side of each bone!
Replaceable, anatomically accurate skin: Molded from a 3-year-old’s leg for unparalleled realism, featuring a palpable patella.
Aspirate and flush functionality: Practice essential procedures like fluid aspiration and site flushing.
Enhanced realism: Crafted with high-quality materials for a true-to-life experience and feel.

• Ability to access both the distal femur and proximal tibia.
• Develop confidence and competence in pediatric IO access.
• Practice various techniques and scenarios in a risk-free environment.
• Improve accuracy and proficiency, leading to better patient outcomes.
• Reduce training costs with replaceable components and long-lasting base.

This model is ideal for:
• Medical professionals seeking to perfect their pediatric IO skills: Doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other healthcare providers.
• Medical schools and training programs: Enhance curriculum with cutting-edge simulation technology.
• Hospitals and clinics: Refine staff skills and ensure preparedness for emergencies.

• Leg Base
• Replaceable skin insert with patella
• 6 tibia bones
• 6 femur bones
• Wax pack for plugging drill holes
• Tubing and blood bags
• Syringe to fill tibia and femur bones
• Box for storage of leg, accessories, and replacement bones

Invest in your skills and patient safety with the most advanced pediatric IO simulation model available.



Shipping Weight: 5.04lbs (2.29kg)
Shipping Dimensions: 23″x12″x4″(58.42cm x 30.48cm x 10.16″cm)
Product Weight: 2.95lbs (1.34kg)
Product Dimensions: 17″x4.38″x4.5″ (43.18cm x 11.11cm x 11.43″cm)